Products for the care and style of your beard | Tonsor 1951




“ In this section you will find four simple but essential gestures to have a healthy and well-groomed beard, whatever your style.

We have created these four products within two years, trying to achieve our concept of perfection.


we have tested and created solutions in close contact with barbers and men with beards, creating tailor-made products satisfying 99% of the men who use them nowadays.

our hydrating beard shampoo cleanses deeply but gently while conditioning.


Created with a waterless formula, the beard oil is a Best Seller with a great concentration of active ingredients and natural oils. 


The Shaving brush has been created by experienced craftsmen in Treviso.


The beard wax defines, controls and styles without weighing down.

we think the right product is not just a product,

but one solution… And we have four here for you. ”

TONSOR 1951.




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