The best Made in Italy hair care products | Tonsor 1951


” We have designed each Tonsor 1951 product for daily use to create a true beauty routine; Tonsor 1951

makes you feel good.

In this section you will find everything concerning the world of hair, to enhance the small gestures we make every day.

to get the day off to a good start we have created: strengthening shampoo, moisturizing body shower, menthol conditioner; these natural products give you a sense of regeneration.

We have included some special products that we use in our barbershops to dry hair, shape it and create unique hairstyles quickly and easily.

You will find styling products, i.e. waxes and gels to choose depending on the style you want to achieve.

If you need it, you'll find one of our must-haves: the anti-hair loss line, giving concrete, visible benefits to hundreds of men every day.

We do everything with the utmost respect for your hair and for the nature that surrounds us: every tonsor 1951 product is paraben-free and sulphate-free.

many of our products are vegan and all of them are water safe, meaning that only one third of the water normally used in large-scale retail cosmetics is needed to eliminate them.

For years we have dreamed of approaching the male audience with a sincere, coherent and elegant product close to people's needs, in the respect for the universe that surrounds us.

we had a dream. now it is a project, and it is completely at your disposal.

created for you: from man to man. ”

TONSOR 1951.



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