Luxury Shaving Gift Set – Tonsor 1951

Luxury Shaving Gift Set

Tonsor 1951

The Luxury Shaving Gift Set offers the best shaving experience in Italy.
This kit contains all of Tonsor 1951 products created to shave and protect the skin.
we have created this line using 17 pure active ingredients , in the highest, best-quality percentage allowed, transforming these products into a real cosmetic and anti-ageing, paraben-free, sulfate-free and vegan treatment.

The Kit contains:

Pre-Shave Oil, Soft Shaving Cream, Aftershave Lotion, Moisturizing Face Cream.

All packaged in a luxury Made In Italy shopper with button closure.

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Action / Benefits

Pre-Shave Oil: prepares the skin for the shave, moisturizing and softening the beard.

Soft shaving cream: replaces the traditional shaving foam, providing a comfortable, fast but professional experience.

Aftershave Lotion: Alcohol-based aftershave lotion with dual function: aftershave and face tonic.
 Soothes irritation while giving suppleness and hydration, adding a pleasant sense of comfort.
 Use it every time you shave and get a deep skin regeneration.

Hydrating Aftershave Cream: relieves all skin types from irritation, adding freshness, softness and shine. Deeply hydrates the skin while adding anti-age effects without weighing down.

Product details

Pre-shave oil: 100ml.
Soft shaving cream: 200ml.
Aftershave Lotion: 200ml.
Moisturizing face cream: 100ml.
Gift box: Luxury Shopper with button closure.

Man to man advices

If you have sensitive skin, if shaving is an experience for you, if you are as ambitious as we are, we make you a promise: the luxury shaving kit will go beyond your expectations, giving you a great shaving and healthy skin.

Created, conceived and made from man to man.
Try it for yourself.