Beard Brush – Tonsor 1951

Beard Brush

handmade in Italy

With 100% boar’s hair bristles and benchwood.
Thickens the beard while adding shine.
Tames all types of beard while giving a scrub effect, thanks to the different lengths of the bristles.
Ergonomic benchwood handle made by experienced craftsmen.

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Active ingredients

100% boar hair bristles. 
Ergonomic benchwood handle.

Action / Benefits

Controls the beard easily and fast while giving a scrub effect/ 3mm.


- Boar hair bristles
- Double-length bristles simultaneously work on beard and skin.

- Handcrafted benchwood.

- Specifically designed by Tonsor 1951 barbers.

- Each piece is unique and hand-canned in Treviso.
-The rigid black box can be also used as a catch-all tray.
- Made in Italy.

How to use

Use the brush at least once a day, following the direction of the hair growth to tame the beard. Gently press the skin to get scrub and peeling effects. 
 If desired, apply Tonsor 1951 Beard Oil and blow-dry while brushing.

Product details

- Rigid black box.

- Boar hair bristles.
- Benchwood.

Man to man advices

Use Tonsor 1951 brush while drying and shaping towel-dried beard: heat the boar bristles with the hair-dryer, apply Tonsor 1951 beard oil and give the right shape to your beard.
Developed and tested by men with beards, this brush offers extraordinary performances and quality.
- The brush is stored in a rigid black box that can be used as a catch-all tray.